Jah'Mir Poteat

16 yrs old


Braelyn Rankins

                         12 yrs old


Brielle Rankins

11 yrs  old


     Do you think your child belongs in Hollywood? Are they too creative, funny, and exceptional to not share their gifts with the world?  I realized the same things about three of my beautiful children and prayed for the right opportunities and doors for them to walk through. I knew God had given them talents that were remarkably special. Seeing this and being a writer, I've been writing scripts and putting them before our children since they were extremely small. My husband, Thomas, contributed to this by using his videography skills and captured them on camera for others to see!

   All three have been professionally acting for about two years now and have worked with Disney, Lifetime, DC Comics, Shaquille O'Neal, Forrest Whittaker, Toni Braxton, Michael K. Williams, Grammy Winning Songwriter Phil Lawrence, and much more. As their Momager, I've negotiated contracts with Sony Entertainment on their behalf and more. All three are signed to J Pervis Talent Agency and we are all now managed as a family by LINK Entertainment.

   In the last two and a half years I've learned a tremendous amount of information and experience from managing them and learning how to be their voice! This is why I am now sharing this information with other parents who want to get their children acting professionally in the industry. Currently I am doing phone and SKYPE consults and invite you to email me at beautywithbrandywine@gmail.com or simply enter your contact information on the introduction page of this site to learn of my prices. If you would like to learn more about my children's acting career, please watch their Acting Demo Reels on our YOUTUBE Channel, "Life With the Rankins." Thank you for your time, consideration, and visiting this site!