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Jah'Mir Poteat
19   yrs old


Braelyn Rankins
                         15 yrs old


Brielle Rankins
14  yrs  old


     Does your child belong up on the big screen or in Hollywood? Are they too creative, outgoing, funny, know how to work a room, and/or, have a special gift that should share with the world? I experienced many of those very things with 3 of my children and as time passed I could no longer keep it keep it hidden. So, I prayed for God to lead us to the the right opportunities and doors to walk through. I knew God had given them talents that were remarkably special. Seeing this and being a writer, I started writing scripts and exercising their memorization of them and entering them into contests. My husband, Thomas, has a background in videography and captured them on camera; we began sharing those videos with audiences all over.

   Fast forward to 2022, and the three of them have been acting professionally for a little over 5 years now. Individually, they’ve been so blessed to remain booked and busy. Their resumes showcase a range of networks and actors they’ve worked with which includes, but is not limited to: Disney, Lifetime, DC Comics, Shaquille O'Neal, Forrest Whittaker, Toni Braxton, Michael K. Williams, Grammy Winning Songwriter Phil Lawrence, HBO/Max, Neil Patrick Harris, and much more. As their Momager, I've spent countless hours learning, researching, studying, and more. It prepared me for large opportunities such as negotiating contracts with Sony Entertainment for them and more. The kids, along with myself, are all signed to J Pervis Talent Agency and as God began enlarging our territory, additional management was. The kids are now co-managed by my husband, myself, and LINK Entertainment.

   In the past five and a half years, I've learned and gained paramount information and experience positioning me to be effective in advocating for them. This is why I am now sharing this information with other parents who want to get their children acting professionally in the industry. STAY TUNED for future updates about the consultation I’ll be doing and be sure to SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL LIFE WITH THE RANKINS, to see behind the scenes and content of things mentioned in this article.

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